Hair Wrapping

Hair wrapping was very popular in the 90’s and went out of fashion but last year we started offering hair wrapping and it was hugely popular with holiday makers everywhere with most customers saying they thought it was something you could only get abroad and that they’ve never seen it in this country. With high demand we also expanded to offering hair extensions and bespoke hair extensions and creating novelty hair wraps for Halloween and Christmas.

Book us to hair wrap at your event, birthday party, Holiday Park etc

and as well as hair wrapping we can also provide face painting, glitter tattoos, airbrush tattoos and henna in a combination that suits the event. To enquire call Rose: 07817 486059 or e-mail:

What are Hair Wraps?

To make a hair wrap a small amount of hair is taken from the head of the client and either plaited or not and then wrapped with embroidery threads in patterns and tied at the bottom sometimes with beads and feathers added for decoration.

How Long do they take to do?

Hair wraps take roughly 20 minutes to do depending on how long the hair is and often rather than wait in a queue you can book a time slot and come back.

How should I look after my Hair Wrap?

Care instructions for your hair wrap


  • Do not lather or wash the wrap.
  • If wrap gets wet when showering squeeze dry.
  • Rinse well after going in chlorinated water/swimming pools.
  • When brushing hair be careful not to break hairs at the base of the wrap.
  • When you sleep tie hair and wrap in a ponytail so you don’t break base hairs as you rest your head.
  • Don’t fiddle and play with the wrap, this could cause the hairs at the base of the wrap to break off leaving a bald patch.
  • Do not bend the wrap as this can create gaps between the threads and reveal the hair underneath.
  • If the wrap comes undone at the end, you can wrap the threads back around the hair and re tie but you will need to tie further up the hair as you won’t have enough thread to tie exactly where it was before. If you want to make extra sure the wrap won’t come untied at the bottom you can paint over the bottom with clear nail varnish to help it stay together but you will have to cut this off if you want to unwrap it at any point.
  • To remove the wrap either cut off at the base if you want to keep the wrap or untie at the bottom and unwrap.

Synthetic Feather Hair Extensions


Feather hair extensions are a big trend in America at the moment especially with celebrities. These synthetic ones are a colourful addition to your hair and can last a couple of week or more depending on how fine your hair is and how much you play with and pull your extension. They are put in with a micro ring and can be taken out by squeezing the ring open with a pair of pliers, see below.

Removing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are clamped onto a small section of hair with a silicone lined micro-ring. To remove simply squeeze the flattened ends of the ring with a pair of pliers.